More than a university. Investment or Folly?

The university study is essential today, finding good people for different jobs makes the university has today a very important enhancement in the eyes of companies.

However, a secondary college, a master’s or doctorate, not to be taken lightly, primarily is a very strong cash disbursement and the second is a very significant investment of time.

There are two common ways of thinking or 2 according to a second university degree, to a certain sector seems an unnecessary expense and a whim rather the fact of further study, but already have a professional degree with which one develops fully.

The other style of thought dictates that the more prepared you are the better person will do in their careers and development opportunity is extremely common to professional higher.

Now I understand those with a college degree people feel fuller, but I support the effort to get a second or third career that tells me that he who chooses to take this challenge is a risky person, dedicated, committed himself himself and his family.

That usually depends on developing study we will focus our career as in my case the public accountant would be my primary and a secondary title would have to analyze my work, this is now being developed in the creation of administrative, I can then opt for an MBA degree in Finance or Business Administration if options always exist in many (not written in stone) I recommend you only do when you start with something close to the range of previous studies, is say a doctor who wants to expand their knowledge out there could try to be a psychologist, but I do not find logical study law as a second career for example.

The investment of time and money you deserve conduct these insights can be applied in their daily work, because nobody liked to sacrifice their skills are not used at all.

Eventually consult with the pillow, with friends, with family, with his wife (or) hear the tips as possible because when it agrees with your own, and there is nothing worse than leaving a personal longing for failure committed. Finally, an analysis and see if the end of the day it’s worth, having achieved over time, has the money and is in need enthusiasm and desire to continue studying.

As always the choice is yours, from here to all of you success, especially for adventurers looking for another career.

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