Tips to deduct for income tax

It is possible that you’ve never raised, but as an employed person there are a number of expenses that could save by paying income tax. To do this , a number of mechanisms that allow certain people to deduct these expenses, that will make bearable the family economy.

We will give you some guidelines and tips so you can save a few euros to make the statement of income. Forms deductibility there are many , but the most affect ordinary citizens can be summarized as we will mention below.

Relief for regular home

Since then , the most widespread form of tax relief, is the residence deduction . Beginning in 2011 , the law has changed , and this expense may only those income tax deductible not exceeding 24,707 euros , but with nuances . The allowance for incomes below 17,707 euros is 15 %, the top of Euro 9040 . For income between 24,707 and 17,707 the amount to deduct depends on the rent.

Not the whole thing, there is a financial product called mortgage account , which works like a savings account , with the only difference that all the capital provided will be used for the acquisition or rehabilitation of a first home , and enjoy the same tax deduction enjoyed by those who have actually purchased the property acquired . That is, they begin to deduce residence when opening the housing account .

Relief for pension plans

Another way to keep in mind , is to open a pension plan . These are just other savings accounts , where the beneficiary of it brings money until retirement, where you will enjoy all contributed over the life of the pension plan . But what makes them more attractive are its advantageous taxation.

The rebate depends on the age , being 30% to a maximum of 10,000 euros for those under 50 years , and 50 % to a maximum of € 12,500 for taxpayers age 50 , figures to keep in mind .


When someone works with activities that can benefit others, such as for the conservation of historic and artistic heritage also enjoy a tax deduction as long as they are justified . In this case you can enjoy 10% to 30 % of the amount contributed to this donation.

By assumptions , all these rebates proposals are by no means exclusive, and the optimal form of tax relief is through a combination of them, if possible for the taxpayer.

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