Mar 09

Many meeting, little solution

Have you noticed that when mentioning a meeting of “urgency” in the company and which will touch points “vital importance” for a problem that has emerged in the same, always the case that the central points not touching or are made is very slight, because people wanders and takes their problems or grievances against their colleagues or the little teamwork, etc..

This is a problem that is repeated almost every office, the resolution of conflicts and differences has always been a matter adverse to humans.

But what can we do?

Decide the topics: When you take the points to try or already has at least idea what was going to talk, people get focused to address the “problem that the company has” not of “problems they have. ”

Establish a method: The Company already if you must deal with such matters as effectively if not, agree all meeting called to go to work as day points

work things one by one: If you try to grab all the issues and we want to solve in the same time usually will not succeed and we will have wasted our time, solving problems in the office is a matter of going step by step.

not be long be direct: Being direct and treat the point as quickly and efficiently ensure that avoid unbearable suffering of the meetings of 2, 3 or even 4 hours.

In short what we want in the long run save time and headaches, I hope these tips will help you manage your next meeting or help charge at the next meeting at which it convened.

My best wishes for success.