Apr 08

Family Savings

Many families are faced with the problem that can not save, can not save or even 1% of their income because everything is destined for consumption or expenditure.

They can be several factors both inside and outside the family that make the members can not save anything at all.

But. How I can get my family to save? There are no simple answers to this question and simple, there are no magic formulas or an already established program steps, it is more a question of dialogue and common sense. What I can assure is that the first thing you need is the will, if you have the desire to save his family and also help you take advantage, and although that is not the only success I say that is a battle won. And although this culture is a matter of saving her own I can suggest that you follow these tips:

l Make a strategy: When the family is involved the issue of savings, we must make a plan to see that among all members is met each part corresponds, however small, to involve all members of family makes them feel participatory household financial decisions.

l Develop a monthly budget together: This usually teaches every member of the family to see how much money comes in and how much has to come out, is also a great strategy to raise awareness among children. Doing something the participatory budgeting can be beneficial, you never know where a good idea can come.

l Establish a period: It is no use having a perpetual plan, its name says it will never have an end, we can not see the results, try to have a term plans to view and analyze the results that can be improved.

l Detect weaknesses: Do not think that your finances are approving all, observe your spending, know your weaknesses, if you spend too much on one area or if someone else makes them discuss it, ask yourself why it happens and if it can be corrected it is best to do, for the sake of saving.

l It would audit, better see: When we are all involved in the savings plan are all partners, not good that someone is controlling all the movements and chiding by overspending, all of that consultation, and thus talk given solution.

l Try to reduce luxuries: If you go out to buy clothes two times a month, try to improve gradually sacrificing one of those outputs in order to save, if you go to the movies every week to see the movies, try to be 2 or 3 and you will see a small savings in the first instance, but substantial in the long run.

l Choose the days of deals: Usually supermarkets and malls have fixed days of deals, remember that you can save a few bucks if you buy these days.

l reach a common goal: Generally when a beginner in this issue of savings, we must have incentives to do so, start with a small goal, any electronic item or holiday, this will make everyone involved look at the goal.

l Never give up: There is no third or fifth overcome bad, saving is simple is a discipline and financial discipline. As the savings requires a lot of practice, so do not worry if you do not have the expected results in the first month, keep trying, remember that practice makes perfect, excellent start ever, ever be corrected on the fly.

I hope these tips will help your financial life and your family life, remember it’s a great lesson that will let their children or teach him his wife (or) and this always help them in life.

I recommend also find tips on household savings are small ideas that can always be helpful.

My best wishes for your financial life.