Jan 20

8 Ways To Save Money Shopping Monthly For Housewife

Family financial planning is influenced two important issues are how much of your income, the source of where and how much of your monthly expenses and your family. Let’s just say your income is fixed and have yet to find additional sources of income so as to balance the revenue and expenditure of the important things you have to do is save money on your monthly spending.

Are you still confused how to do? Or already do but still less effective? Consider the following powerful tips:

1. Use the System 31 Envelope to Downsize
This method though looks classic but effective enough to try. As a housewife who is responsible for spending money, you just need to prepare 31 sheets of blank envelopes to start the system 31 of this envelope.

The next step take all your money and put it into an envelope according to the needs like paying the mortgage or rent money, buy rice a month, pay the electric bill, water, telephone, gas money, gas, pocket money children and saving for an emergency fund. Write the date of shopping ranging from 1 to 31. After all filled, the rest is money for investment. If done in an orderly manner, the housewife will be challenged to be more creative in managing the monthly expenditure.

2. Do not Focus On Brand
The more often your trip to the mall or the supermarket, then the temptation to shop will be bigger. The temptation gets even stronger when many promos, discounts from various famous brands with a variety of attractive offers ranging from household products such as sugar, oil, snacks, wipes, floor cleaners, and so on. Do not be tempted, compare with other cheaper brands. Grateful if you could buy unbranded products but have the same function.

3. Let Durable Keep Foodstuffs With Good

Some place to store food such as rice cabinets, refrigerators or air-tight containers can make food last longer. If this continues over time and become a culture in the family then it will save the monthly expenditure.

4. Create List Menu Foods Weekly

The principle that originated from this habit worth a try. By making a list of weekly food menu so we spending patterns will be controlled so that we avoid buying groceries that ultimately redundant.

5. Record Shop and Save Plan Purchase Note

The easiest way is to stick to the shopping noted a note on the refrigerator, what items are up, so that when shopping we did not see the other stuff, or it could also try to purchase promotional products (down prices or buy 1 get 2). In this way you can save money next month so no need to buy the product again. For a more controlled spending store shopping bill. The purpose of this bill is to save so that we can compare the prices this month and last month. That way you’ll know when the price is cheap and the place to buy cheap products.

6. View and Compare Before You Buy

You should buy the product at once in large quantities, select only the products ‘special’ from each supermarket. It would be better if you are willing to replace meat with protein foods products, such as eggs or tofu, tempeh. The consumption of meat is delicious, but if the excess is not good for health and the price is also more expensive. Besides compare the products you want to buy in some supermarkets, for example, a supermarket prices cheaper than supermarket fish B but wipes, floor cleaners, sugar, sometimes also produced supermarket at different prices but the quality is quite good and definitely cheaper.

7. Reduce Credit Card Usage When Shopping
Maybe your salary is quite a lot, so often unknowingly over budget alias uncontrolled spending. This is due to the ease with pay when purchasing goods behind. Credit cards are one of support behind the pay culture. If this is not quickly you realize, sooner or later you will realize that your money was not as much as people think. Be aware of the psychological effects of post payday makes us as so “the rich” are actually all led to the tragedy thin sac prematurely.

So the solution is make it a habit to pay any charges in advance, and then make the investment after the new shopping.

8. Hunting Discounts

Not why you called Mendis alias Mental Discounts, which is important to skimp. Observe every day and look for promos or discounts that are beneficial for those who are usually widely available in large supermarkets. Make sure the product you buy does not expire and does really need.

How Smart Shopping Articles diskonan

Usually discount coupled with 0% installment so that the products offered increasingly good. Before getting carried away remember the following points:

a) Aware Fill Wallets

When clay promo installment without 0% and the discount, immediately check the contents of the wallet to check your ability to pay

b) Before you go crazy, you Must Know Standard Goods for at Discount Prices

Many items already discounted in advance the price increase, therefore, find out what the price of the goods Andar st?

c) Create a Priority List, Which is more important?

Remember, do not go crazy look discounts. The key is you have to hold the first purchase priority list in order to focus on needs and not wants.

d) Since the goods diskonan, Search handicap

One reason is because of their discounted goods manufacturing defects. So look up product details yes.

e) Still Cheap, But Do not Impose Self Purchase, If the size is N

Discounted goods are usually products that do not sell well so that the size is often not much variasinya.Jangan forced to buy if the size no fit for you.

f) Search By Thorough

His name is also discounted, many things are done in order to store all the goods sold. Usually shown above are the products most ugly so quick behavior or it could be someone else him under selection created later he bought. So as a buyer with mental discount, you must be patient and meticulous search within goods discount.