Aug 28

Saving Money Every Place That We Can

Meg and I have been trying to save money in every way that we are able, the other day we had to find a birthday present for one of our closest friends. So we searched around on the internet until we found some bed bath and beyond printable coupons, This was not all that big of a deal in the big picture, unless you are trying to scrape together every penny that you can in order to put together enough money for a down payment on a house. We already knew what to get her and she loved the gift, but she was surprised about it. Every person that we know is aware of the fact that we are scrimping every place we can. If you came to our apartment right now we could not really watch much TV with you. We have cut the cable off to save about 75 dollars per month and we got a cheaper internet service to save about 30 dollars per month.

We have our eyes on a little house that belongs to an old man I used to work with. He retired about seven or eight years ago, but we kept in touch with him and we knew that he was in poor health. He is going to have to move in with one of his children, but he has not put his house on the market. I am really close with him. When I started out in that job he was the one who taught me how to do the work correctly and he spoke for me every time there was a promotion open. I was really depressed when I saw him, but he told me to make him an offer on the house and I am thinking about it an awful lot.